With our logistics solution you can handle large amounts of orders easily – consider them delivered.
Routing templates
Define specific parameters for every route to save planning time. Set up coordinates of starting points, route color and duration of courier working time to get the perfect planned route in seconds.
Different Overlays
Improve your routing analysis and strategy by viewing orders/routes in an overlay mode. Сreate different overlays by importing .kml format files.
Unlimited amount of drivers.
Have 1 or 100 drivers?
No problem.
Multiple rules for different drivers & locations

Create different rules for different areas. Each area can be defined by importing coordinates or by drawing directly on the map. You can also choose if the rule applies for specific days of the week, specific hours of the day or payment type.

Couriers. Couriers Payments

Manage collection of cash on delivery (COD), as the system not only displays COD amount, it also gives you the possibility to add the amount the courier collected previously, so you always see the outstanding balance.
Optimal route in No Time
Plan and optimize routes for multiple stops and multiple vehicles in minutes. Anywhere in the world.
Shipping Routes
All optimized routes automatically appear in a Shipping Route window, where you can export each route in different formats.
Real-time updates
Our System automatically updates the list of orders that need routing as soon as new orders are received.
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