All-in-one online store management system, perfectly suitable for e-grocery, FMCG, Furniture and building supplies and many more. Packed with lots of features, easy to work with, it is the right choice for everyone, looking for a comprehensive solution to manage an online store.
Unlimited Categories & Products
Import unlimited amounts of products and create multiple categories. Edit more than 100 types of data individually or in bulk. Syncs in real time with your WMS.
Integrations ready-made
Our online store management system has full integration with warehouse, suppliers, couriers, and accountancy programs. Bespoke options and a full API available.
Easy to extend and customize
Add any extensions and modules you need to expand your store functionality, create the perfect user experience.
SEO friendly
Achieve higher rankings in search engines with our popular SEO extensions – titles, descriptions, keywords, URLs etc. Market your site to it's full potential!
Analyze the performance of your website with our integrated reporting system: customer orders, customer data, products, sales, coupons, invited friends and gift programs.
Marketing tools
Get attention and boost your sales by using coupons, discounts, special offers, gift programs, cross-selling tools etc.
Our app offers the same functionality and features as the website and is available for both iOs and Android.

Contribute to your brand awareness - the more your customers hear and see your brand, the faster you get truly noticed.

Build strong relationships with your customers.

You can download and test our demo app in a working the links below.

Bespoke application development and design available. Simply contact us for your password.
Emailing options
Create your own marketing campaigns and welcome your customers with automated e-mails as soon as they register or place an order or an order is dispatched.

Comprehensive Customers Management
Collect, export and analyze your customer data. More than 80 types of data about each client will help you to create and implement smart customer retention and marketing strategies.

Order status tracking
Keep your customers fully up-to-date. Track current order status with automatic updates. Filter and export data by multiple sets of criteria.

Payment options
Allow your customers to pay in the most convenient way, including internet banking, PayPal, credit or debit card, and even cash on delivery. Set up and manage an extra fee for each type of payment.
MouseOver tips
Give detailed explanations for specific parts at your shop, conveniently displayed on mouseover.
Pop-up manager
Manage the information you want to show your customer with various pop-up options. .
Make your shop more lively by adding powerful product videos, explaining how to buy, why customers should choose your store, etc.
Manage delivery times and shipping fees easily: set up maximum amount of orders, different timeslots and delivery prices for each location.
Product Bundles
Customers can buy all components or ingredients with one easy click. Support kits, bundles and recipes.
Customer account
Customers registered with your store can easily manage their account settings and personal information, track order statuses and order history, edit shipping or billing addresses, view gift programs progress and account balances and invite friends.
You can collect and analyze statistics on client shopping habits for re-marketing purposes.
Add to wishlist
The ultimate one-click shopping list. Engage with customers more by letting them create a list of their favourite goods and shop directly from the list.
Smart consumer
Let your customers select categories that they usually over-buy and are not able to consume. Our system marks those products in their carts in case the customer feels they have too much or requires an alternative.
Live-chat function
Live-chat is the smartest way to engage with your customers. Offer online support and show your customers that you care.
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