Сompletely paperless order processing and goods-in. Everything you need for efficient warehousing and goods distribution management. Cloud-based for convenience and security. Login to the system via any browser and use all functions on PC or mobile devices.
Automated Invoicing
Invoices are imported automatically by retrieving information from external sources such as email, web service, FTP, etc.
Up-to-date picking progress
As soon as orders come in stocks are allocated, the system shows updated status on the level of every product and every order.
Automated Ordering to Suppliers
Automatically create and send each customer order one by one or in accumulated lists. The System always checks supplier stocks before sending the Purchase Order.
All processes in a real time
Orders display immediately and required processes and implemented automatically. Calculate and send orders to suppliers, reserve stocks and send data to the Route Manager with no manual input.
Trackable Packages
Every customer order is assigned to a specific package and allows you to monitor the picking and distribution process in a real time.
Our system provides you with valuable management reports including: stock, sales, incoming orders, adjustments, shipping routes, today's purchase orders, dispatched orders and stock valuation.
Pay all supplier invoices at once by importing only one ISO 20022 XML format file into your banking system. If there is more than one invoice to one supplier to be paid, system generates the file in a way that the total amount is wired in one transaction.

Multiple Stock Locations
Manage your warehouse distribution process more efficiently by setting up multiple stock locations. Ideal for unloading products delivered by suppliers; for packing customer orders; for sorting packed orders for shipping; for storing, locating and managing your inventory levels(every item has it's own exact shelf location with a barcode assigned).

GDS Scanner Functionalities
Our superb handheld wireless scanners (PDA scanners) allow you to scan product barcodes, pre-packaged orders, racking or boxes to display product or order information. Scanners direct the user to the next processing step and will not allow pickers to move to the next stage if the required previous step is not completed. Scanners are linked to the software system and immediately transmit the data to the live system.
Supplier Settings
Set up the way orders are created and sent. Select supplier non-working days so the System sends orders in advance.
Stock Management
Monitor your inventory and manage the shelf life. Full FIFO and batch processing.
Create, Cancel, Edit Orders
You can mannually create, cancel or edit the order. Change order details, and let the system do the rest.
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